Thursday, December 18, 2014


Merry Christmas Greetings to all,

I can't believe the time goes by so quickly. I hope the reason for this season is not put aside as we hustle making plans, buying and wrapping gifts, baking, etc.  I do believe we either forget or take for granted the birth of Jesus our Lord and Savior.  I'm so thankful that our sins are forgiven because of His birth and death!!!  As I put out the Christmas decorations in this home for the first time, I did some reminiscing of Christmas's past.  That was bittersweet this year as December 13th was the 20th anniversary of my dad's passing.
This was a special memory -- my 21st birthday!!  My dad gave me a dozen long stem red roses. I was so touched as my family was in the practice of giving only practical gifts.  This was a time I will always treasure.  I sure miss my Dad.
Below is a picture of the niche above our fireplace and TV in our living room.  I had a vision of what I wanted to see and must say my thoughts pretty much came to life.  On the right side is the porcelain nativity set that Larry's mom made before we were married.  I treasure this and put it out each year with wonderful memories of this special woman.  I was so blessed to have her in my life and miss her.
In the middle are porcelain carolers that Larry's mom also made.  I also have a few other items on display but they are hard to see.  Larry was a big help in putting up snowflakes and stars hanging from inside the niche.  I love sitting in the evening viewing this area and the calm it brings me.  I hope you enjoy it as well.

My wishes to each of you and your families -- Merry Christmas and the best in the New Year,

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


I have so much to be thankful for this year.
While I have gone thru some changes in employment, I know God has a plan for me.  So I am thankful for the patience He gives me.  I am also thankful to my husband, son and many

friends for the encouragement, listening and kindness.

I have really been blessed by doing something I'm passionate about -- needlework!!!  Here is a table mat for Thanksgiving!!!  Sometimes we rush from Halloween to Christmas only giving Thanksgiving a fleeting thought.  I believe it should be the MOST important holiday of the year!!!

 So after saying all this, I feel some what of a hypocrite as I share with you the Christmas cards I made from the Stampin' Up! Watercolor Winter Simply card kit.  My reasoning to get cards out early this year is mainly because we moved and have a new address.  So please understand!!! I did have fun putting the cards together.  While I really didn't "follow" the instructions with the kit, I looked at other people's ideas and copied!!!!  Thank you for sharing your ideas!!!  I also made some stamped cards which I cased!!! But at least I made them!!!  My friend Connie, the wool master, came over to share a day of stamping and visiting.  It truly motivated me to get going on my cards.

Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Winter Wonderland

BRRR Morning!!!

Well if I wasn't in the Christmas mood before  -- I am now!!!  This is what we woke up to this morning.  It is a balmy 2 degrees!!!!
YIKES!! Kind of chilly after 60's last week!!! The nice part of this weather is that I didn't have to venture out to work today.  What does that mean -- stitching time!!!  Happy dance for me!!!
I just love the snow especially when I can stay warm and cozy in my home!!!  This cold weather prompted me to make the BEST vegetable soup for dinner last night!!!  My husband and I enjoyed it with some homemade bread!!! YUM!!  I'm glad I made a big pot of it so we can have some today!!!

I'm finishing a Thanksgiving table mat for a store sample and then on to a snowman table runner!!!  

I also have some Christmas gifts to work on!!!  SHHH!!!!
This is from a new pattern by Buttermilk Basin. We just got this pattern at the Black Sheep Wool Shop.  I have some friends that love owls, so I had to make one ASAP!!!  The colors are much prettier in person and the background is black. This project went together really quick.  I did enlarge the pattern because the actual size is only 8.5 inches.  I like the larger mats.  

Stay warm friends!!!  Have a great day and remember there are 14 days till Thanksgiving and 42 days till Christmas!!!  The clock is ticking and back to work I go.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

November Notions!!!

Greetings to all,

What a beautiful November day!!!  It is the calm before the storm -- literally!!  Monday the cold air will be moving in bringing snow!!   I will enjoy staying home!!! But I promise I will be busy!!!  You know Christmas will be here soon!!!!

This is a pin cushion I made for the shop.  It went together so quickly.  What a great gift idea!!!  Just sayin'!!!  I used a pin cushion insert which we have in stock at the Black Sheep Wool Shop!!!  The pattern is a Bird Brain design.  There are two other pin cushion designs included in this pattern.

I know I may be jumping the gun -- but Valentine's Day will be coming soon.  I made this for a store sample as well.  The back mat and hearts are actually a rich burgundy.  They don't show well in the picture.  This is The Little Red Hen pattern we have at the shop.

By the way we just received some new products at the shop.  Patterns, buttons, wool, homespuns, etc.!!!!  Cheryl also brought back from quilt market some wonderful wool felt ornament designs for quick to make ornaments!!!  AND in case you are needing a great idea for your stitching friend, The Black Sheep Wool Shop offers gift certificates!!!

I'm really excited today because I'm going to my first rug hookers group and taking my first project with me to work on.  This is the most wonderful group of gals.  I owe a very special thank you to Lynn who has taught me about rug hooking.  She also is the one who enticed me into this craft!!!  I love it and will enjoy it more when my husband makes my frame!!!  Stay tuned for pictures!!!

Have a great weekend and check back next week.

Thursday, October 30, 2014


Spooky Greetings to all,
How do you like my blingy Jack-o-lantern?  I think she is adorable.  MANY thanks to my wonderful friend, Connie, for creating this great wool applique design.  Last week when my Grand Junction friends were here, Connie came over and brought this wonderful project she created for us to stitch and put together.  LOVE IT!!!!
This flower mat is hanging at The Black Sheep Wool Shop, but it is mine!!  I actually made something for myself.  When I saw this pattern by The Little Red Hen, I knew I had to make it!!!  I purchased the pattern in the spring and finished it a couple of weeks ago.  Completed project in a few months time -- unheard of in my life!!!  (Except for store samples.)  I loved using wool from my stash to make this project!!!

This is a pin cushion I made for a store sample.  It is a Bird Brain Designs pattern.  This was such a quick little project.  I think it would make a great gift for friends.  You can find a kit or pattern and all you need to finish this project at The Black Sheep Wool Shop.  I hope to see you there soon.

Happy Halloween!!!  Be safe!!!

Bye from Scary Sherry!!!!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Fall Happenings!!!

Good Morning friends,

I'm back with more creations and news.  I don't know where the last few weeks have gone, but I'm trying to catch up on my "to do list."  Our little sweetheart, Kenna had a Denver Bronco onesie that grew too short, so I made it a dress by adding ruffles.  This process may be familiar as this is how her birthday dress was made.

 Isn't she adorable.  We kept her with us a couple of weekends ago while her mommy and daddy enjoyed a weekend get away!!!  I can't believe she is walking!  She usually sports some darling pigtails, but Miss Sherry couldn't manage to get those put up!!!  (Hands and fingers weren't cooperating in a speedy fashion!!!)  We love having her and watching her learn and explore more things all the time!!

Larry and I were out for a walk last week and enjoyed the last of the beautiful fall colors.  This tree was just singing with its bright colors!!!  Most of the leaves are falling now!!  I guess winter will be here before we know it.

That means Christmas will be here before we know it!!!  WOW!!!!  As that reality hit me, I started making Christmas get together plans!!! Gift items are already in the making!!!  Sorry I can't show those yet!!!

I enjoy my part time work at The Black Sheep Wool Shop!!!  It really isn't work as Cheryl believes in teamwork and friendships.  I love the creativity, customers and inspiration that I draw from this time in my life.

I was so fortunate to have two of my Grand Junction friends visit this past week and weekend.  Deb and Becky came Wednesday night and stayed till yesterday morning.  We had a stay-at-home day Thursday, but it was fun filled.  My friends Connie and Yvonne came over.  Connie spoiled us by bringing chocolate muffins and a Halloween wool applique project.  (Check back soon for the picture.)  It was such a great day for me as I could share that time with wonderful friends from both sides of the mountain!!!!  Deb, Becky and I did some retail therapy on Friday including a stop in Windsor at the Black Sheep Wool Shop!!!  It was great to show them around as they made their selections!!!  I'm hoping this store will entice them to make many more visits back here.  Saturday we ran couple of errands and then stitched the rest of the day and evening.  I got a lot of stitching done and was pleased.

Have a great few days.   Please check back soon as I will get back on my posting routine!!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Beautiful FALL!!

Good Morning to all of you!!              

What another beautiful fall day!!!   This is a picture I took from our backyard last night!!! The colors very so beautiful - this picture doesn't do justice!!!  I love this time of year!!!  I guess because the nights are cooler and the colors richer!!!  It is hard to believe October is here and Christmas will be creeping up on us before we now it!!!  I'm busy making and planning gifts for this year!!
This cute Halloween stitchery is done in wool and will be framed for a sample at the Black Sheep Wool shop in Windsor!!!  I'm not a big Halloween fan, but thought these little pumpkin witches were cute!!!  This is all done in wool with some embroidery highlights.  This pattern comes from Buttermilk Basin!!!  They have a wonderful selection of designs.

I hope you can stop by the wool shop.  We are getting some kits together for upcoming seasons!!!

Have a great day and I'll be back soon.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Fall is Here!!!

Greetings to all my readers!!!

No, I haven't quit posting!!!  I have had an exciting couple of weeks.  My Oregon friend, Kim, came to visit for a week.  We had a wonderful time stitching, scrapbooking and visiting!!!  We even got some sleep!!!  This picture was taken at the Scrapbook Expo in Denver where we scrapbooked all day!!!  We did a little retail therapy, but really got a lot accomplished.  It was my first experience using "Project Life."  That was very rewarding as I got a bunch of photos on pages in a short time.  That made this girl happy!!!!

The Black Sheep Wool Shop is now open!!!!  I am so excited!!!  I started working last week and had a great time meeting wonderful people.  The pumpkins are actually pillows I made for the shop!!!  It made my day when people actually noticed and some people purchased the pattern!!!  I love surrounding myself with the rich textures and colors of the wool.  Life is Good!!!

 Kim and I spent some time walking and taking pictures.  The trees are turning colors putting on their "Fall Clothes."  This picture doesn't do the rich color of this tree justice!!!  Please take my word -- it is gorgeous.  The best part, it is on my street and I can look at it when ever I want!!!!  I love fall -- the cool nights, the wonderful smells and breathtaking colors.  

Have a great week and check back in a few days as I will have more to share!!!  Until then take a walk and enjoy life!!!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Brrrr!!! It's Cold outside!!!

Good Morning All,

It is chilly out today.  The mountains got snow this past week.  Hmm  Are we going to have an early winter?  Well just in case I made Gingerbread Scones this morning!!!  Yummy!!!

My week has flown by hence the posting a day late.  I had a wonderful long weekend in Grand Junction seeing friends.  It was so good to spend some time with them.  I was really missing them.

 While I was there my Stampin' Up! demonstrator, Judy and her recruit Jennifer shared a demonstration of scrapbooking with Project Life!!!  I think I can do this.  Yes it took me a while to do my two pages, but we had a lot of visiting to do in the meantime.  I'm so looking forward to getting some scrapbooking done especially since my friend from Oregon is coming on Tuesday!!!  We are headed to the Scrapbook expo in Denver for a day of cropping and hope to accomplish much more while she is visiting.

In the meantime, I'm still making samples for the wool shop!!!  I believe the opening will be the end of next week.  YAY!!!!

The first picture is of towels I hand embroidered.  The designs are from Pretty P and Mama B.  I love the patriotic designs.


The last two towels are machined embroidered.  It is hard to see the design on the turquoise towel, but it is stitched in white thread and looks better up close.  These designs are from Bird Brain!!!

Have a great week and check in next week for more creations that keep my life rewarding!!!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Throwback Thursday!!!

Happy Thursday!!!

I found them!!!  I have an old set of pillowcases to show you.  These are special pillowcases because they were some of the first ones I embroidered when I was a little girl.  I was so proud of these that I didn't use them for many years.  I then decided to enjoy them and put them on my bed.  I used them so much they are now thread barren.  I just can't throw them away so I have put them with my "keepsakes"
So skip forward to modern day when machines are taking over!!! :-(  I machine embroidered the snowmen for a store sample.  This was a challenge since I had to manually line them up.  Yes there is software that now does all this!!!  But my software is low end and out of date.  This project was definitely a trial for patience!!!  It will be framed in a white frame!!!

The pretty pink pillow was also machine embroidered.  I added the ruffle and borders to help accent the embroidery!!!  It was a fun little project.

Just an update on the new Windsor wool store -- I think the opening is scheduled for this month!!!  Stay tuned for information.  As soon as I hear of a firm date I will share it will all!!

Have a great week and remember stitching is good for the soul!!!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Busy Beaver!!!

Greetings to all,

I have been busy as a beaver -- Okay maybe not quite that busy!!  But I have many things to show you today.  The first few pictures of vintage purses with beautiful wool applique designs were created by my great friend, Connie, at Starry Pines.  She was gracious enough to share many purses from her vintage collection, created designs for them and made them available for purchase in a store closing sale.  I love this rounded box type purse.  I think it will work great for my sewing supplies when I am on the go.

This bag intrigued me for several reasons.  The shape and clasp reminds me of purses the ladies at church carried.  I remember as a little girl wishing for a purse and knew when I grew up I would have a purse just like it.  Fast forward fifty years and I finally have that purse.  The wool applique design is an added bonus.  This is another of Connie's vintage bags and designs.

I also loved this bag because of the design on the back.  I thought it was beautiful with a tactile sense of a cording coiled into a butterfly type design!!!  I don't ever remember seeing anything like this growing up.
Anyway after over a year of having theses bags in various stages of completion I have finished them.  I was so happy to cross these items off my "TO DO" list.  Now I can enjoy them and use them for purposes I purchased them for.

The last "show and tell" for the week are more hand embroidered projects.  I completed the embroidery on these towels using DMC Floss and the patterns are from Pretty P and Mama B designs.

The towels will be displayed in the new Windsor wool shop opening soon.

I have more samples in progress and can't wait to share them next week.  Stay happy till then.

Thursday, August 21, 2014


Good Morning all!!

We are heading into another warm day here on the eastern slope!! Hopefully we will see some rain showers later in the day!!! 

Our 'backyard' is full of the little munchkins back at school.  I love watching the teacher with students lining up for different activities.  It seems like yesterday my own son was starting school.  Wow!!!  Time passes quickly as my son will celebrate his 28th birthday next week!!!  I think I'm a bit more nostalgic since he also moved into his own apartment this past week.  He had been staying with us after moving to the front range, finding a job and getting established in a new area.  So now it is back to the husband and me watching Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune in the evenings!!!  What a life!!!

My embroidery sewing machine is working away, stitching out a couple more samples for the new wool store!!  This rooster 'crows proudly' from a Bird Brain design!!!  I stitched it in a muted brick red to match the attached ruffle on this kitchen towel shown above.  The towel below was stitched in 
multi-colors giving the design more interest. This is also a Bird Brain design from the same pattern.  I am very pleased how well the designs stitched out!!  Even thought I love the time saving of embroidery by machine I prefer hand stitching!!!  I know the stitching isn't as perfect by hand, but I feel I put a piece of myself into my work when completed by hand.  I will be visiting Cheryl today and can't wait to see what samples she has for me to work on next.

In the meantime, I'm finishing some of my UFO projects!!!  (UFO = un-finished objects)  I will be sharing them in the next couple of weeks.  It is such a good feeling to see my basket not overflowing with those projects.  I'm anxious to work on some new things I purchased at the quilt show this past weekend.  

Have a great week and don't forget to check back next week to see what I have been up to!!!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Embroidery of a Different Kind

Hello readers,        
Welcome to a late posting!  I worked out of the house last week and it really messed up my schedule.
But I'm thrilled to share this posting with you!!

This is another sample I 'made' for the new wool store in Windsor.  It is a Bird Brain Design done in black on a tan linen.  The design was 'digitized' and I used my embroidery machine to stitch it out!!!  Can you tell the difference between this stitching and hand embroidery???  I think it stitched out very nicely.  When I look at the stitching close up I can definitely tell it was not hand embroidered, but for a display sample I don't think anyone will be able to notice the difference unless they study the stitching!!!

I have a couple more machine embroidered designs to share with you later this week.  Please check back on Thursday!!!
Have a great couple of days!!!

Thursday, August 7, 2014


Happy Thursday Followers,

I have a couple more samples finished and ready to deliver to the up and coming wool shop in Windsor.  The first is a kitchen towel decorated for Halloween.  (It is hard to think of the holiday coming up so soon.) I embroidered this with floss.  As shown below there is a bit of added color.  After marking my pattern on the fabric I used crayons to color the open area on the lettering, flowers and hat.

I have played with this technique a bit before but never finished the project. So I'm happy with how the embroidery compliments the coloring.  I love the WIDE rick rack used to finish the design.

I have finished another sample using embroidery as well.  The pillow was a fun project using different colors of floss.  First I tea dyed the fabric -- even though it doesn't show in the picture.  After the embroidery was complete I added some borders around the stitching to frame the pillow top.  It was a pretty simple project but did take some time with all the floss color changes.

I love embroidery and sometimes memories from my six year old life return as I sit and stitch.  My very first projects were a pillowcase and sheet set for a wooden cradle that was handed down from my mom.  I believe she told me her father made it for her.  Mom used recycled sheets for the bedding in my dolls in the cradle.  She "stamped" the image on the sheets.  Back in the day she would get designs from a black and white publication called the "Workbasket."  A person could get several "stampings" from the designs if you ironed them on the fabric carefully.

I'm excited to see what projects await me!!!  I'm sure there will be more great designs.  I'll sure I'll have more next week!!!  Here is a quote from a blog I found and would like to share.  "My soul is fed with needle and thread."  Have a wonderful week until next time.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Sampler Sample

Happy Friday!!!

Hope everyone is ready for the weekend!!! I know I am.
Here is a stitching of a sampler I completed this week.  I used black pearl cotton to embroider the design on an ecru linen. It will be framed in a black frame.  I thought it turned out pretty well.   More importantly the lady I did it for, was pleased!!!

There is a new wool shop opening in Windsor soon and Cheryl, the owner, asked me to make some samples for her store.  I am so excited.  You all know I love needlework!!!  This is the first one I completed and it took me about eight hours to stitch.  I have more to do and am excited to work on them.  I will post them next week.  I am hoping to have more details regarding the new store by then as well.

Have a super weekend and I'll be back next week with more exciting projects.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Birthday Girl

HI Friends,                                                              

I hope you are all finding a cool place to hang out!! The heat is here!!  It makes life easier to sew!!!

I made little Kenna a dress for her birthday party!!  Her Mom themed her party with ladybugs.  She showed me a picture of a shirt with the saying and ladybugs decorating it.  So I used that for my inspiration and made this.  I took a onsie, embroidered the words and ladybug, cut off the bottom part of the onsie and attached the ladybug ruffles I made from ladybug print fabric.  I thought it turned out pretty cute.
When I gave the dress to Kenna, she immediately tried putting it on.  Here is a picture of party day with my husband.  She had a great day with family and friends even though it was pretty hot!!

I also made Kenna a blanket of flannel on one side and 'minky' fabric on the other side.  Her Mom sent me a video of her playing peek-a-boo with the blanket!!!  She is such a cutie!!!

I have been taking some classes learning to utilize the features on my sewing machine.  It has been great fun so stay in touch as I share more creations!!!

Have a great week!!!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Another Bag

Good Morning,
We are enjoying some cooler weather and I love it!!!  Yes, it will get warmer tomorrow.  I guess it is summer!!!
Today I'm sharing a bag I made last year.  My friend, Connie and I had a sewing afternoon and she helped me make this bag.  I used some patterned demin from my stash along with a red cotton, quilted together.  I made the bag and then did some wool applique.  I didn't want flowers so I thought paisleys would be a great design for a casual bag.
If you zoom in you can see a few beads added here and there.  A girl never has enough bling!!!

I have been taking some sewing classes to utilize the software and sewing machine I own.  I am so excited to learn some new tips and tricks.  Yesterday was a great day to spend at The Sewing Circle in Fort Collins.  It was a "computer" day, but I learned so much.  My brain was full last night!!!

Have a great weekend and I'll be in touch next week!!!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Summer Time Bag

Good Morning Friends,
I had a wonderful, fast weekend in Grand Junction spending time with good friends, Deb, Becky and Emily.  My son asked me to ride along with him.  He dropped me off at Becky's house late Friday night.  It was so good to see her after the medical issues she had in June.  Saturday morning Deb picked us up for a trip to Montrose to the Black Canyon Quilt Show!!!  What marvelouse quilts on display.  Certainly my inspiration!!!!  We did some retail therapy at the show with our favoirte vendor Laura and Rhonda.  Becky and I were surprised with birthday gift certificates from our friend Emily!!!  That made shopping even more FUN!!!
Thank you Emily!!!
Saturday evening we meet Emily back at Becky's home.  We then went to dinner and back to Becky's for birthday celebrations and stitching time.  The pitures today are of a bag I made Becky.  She loves the beach so it was easy to choose a design for the bag.  The hard part was to find a pattern for the applique.  With the help of my brother, Nathan, I came up with the design.  Becky loved the bag.  Once again I knit the bottom part and felted it.  I love doing wool applique and finished this project in record time.  I found some wonderful beach theme fabric for the bag lining.
I hope you enjoy your week!!!  

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

First Wool Bag

Hi friends,

I'm so excited to share this bag with you.  It was the first of this type I have ever completed.  My dear friend, Connie, from Starry Pines not only helped me with the bag pattern, but encouraged me.  She shared her knitting pattern for the base of the bag which is knit in wool yarn and felted.  I then added a wide band of wool on the top to which I added my wool appliqued leaves.  I lined the inside and added some big pockets to make this a 'useful' bag.  As I was making this bag, I thought of my sister-in-law, Amy, and how she would like these colors.  Since I was going to visit her and my brother in Omaha, I gave the bag to her.  I think she enjoys it.   

Soon you will see the first pieces I knit and felted.  I learned a lot from my trial piece and will share it with you next week.

For now, I wish you a Happy Fourth of July!!!  I thank all veterans and current military personal for protecting our freedom.  May we never take their dedication and service for granted.                                               

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Wooly Fun

Hi friends!

 Today I'm sharing some fun wool applique projects.  The apple mat is the very first project I ever appliqued.  I finally finished it a few months ago by placing it on a piece of red patterned flannel.  I used a hexagon shape to add a bit of interest.

Those of you who know me well know I love penguins!!!!  My friend Stephanie gave this pattern to me and asked me to make her a penguin to go in her apartment in Alaska.  I got kind of carried away.  I just thought there should be a group!!!  LOL!!!  Aren't they cute.  Yes, I kept two of them.  You can find them hanging out in my home.  Thanks for taking time to read my blog.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Well, I'm back.  After taking some time off, I decided to get back to posting to my blog.  Thank you for sticking with me!!
This is a wool bag I made in a class on my recent visit to Grand Junction.  Laura taught a wonderful class using one of her wool applique designs.  I was so excited to finish my bag in class.  It is fully lined with a couple of pockets and a zipper to close the top.  I love the purples and was excited to find a couple of accent buttons at Laura's "store"
I was so fortunate to spend a few days in Grand Junction -- seeing great friends, stitching and loving every minute.  Also I was able to celebrate Judy's birthday with her.  It was so special for me to be with her on her birthday and also stay with her during my visit.  Thank you Judy!!!
Stay in touch because I will posting again next week!!!  Until then enjoy life!!