Thursday, June 26, 2014

Wooly Fun

Hi friends!

 Today I'm sharing some fun wool applique projects.  The apple mat is the very first project I ever appliqued.  I finally finished it a few months ago by placing it on a piece of red patterned flannel.  I used a hexagon shape to add a bit of interest.

Those of you who know me well know I love penguins!!!!  My friend Stephanie gave this pattern to me and asked me to make her a penguin to go in her apartment in Alaska.  I got kind of carried away.  I just thought there should be a group!!!  LOL!!!  Aren't they cute.  Yes, I kept two of them.  You can find them hanging out in my home.  Thanks for taking time to read my blog.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Well, I'm back.  After taking some time off, I decided to get back to posting to my blog.  Thank you for sticking with me!!
This is a wool bag I made in a class on my recent visit to Grand Junction.  Laura taught a wonderful class using one of her wool applique designs.  I was so excited to finish my bag in class.  It is fully lined with a couple of pockets and a zipper to close the top.  I love the purples and was excited to find a couple of accent buttons at Laura's "store"
I was so fortunate to spend a few days in Grand Junction -- seeing great friends, stitching and loving every minute.  Also I was able to celebrate Judy's birthday with her.  It was so special for me to be with her on her birthday and also stay with her during my visit.  Thank you Judy!!!
Stay in touch because I will posting again next week!!!  Until then enjoy life!!