Thursday, February 28, 2013

Special Delivery

This picture, taken last week, is of a couple very special people.  Mike, the daddy- not pictured, works for the same company I do.  I have known Mike for over eight years and was happy to share in his wedding day with Desiree.  Desiree and I became friends and enjoyed spending time together crafting, etc.  The birth of their son, Brendan, (shown in the picture with his Mommy) was a special event.  Desiree and baby Brendan would visit us often and my husband and I shared many "babysitting oppourtinities."  It was so wonderful to watch Brendan grow and it was hard to make the five hour move away, but I love my many visits, phone calls and Skyping.   So fast forward to the present.  Brendan is three years old and his Mommy is pregnant with twin girls.  I am so lucky to be making crib quilts for the little girls.  Of course I will be making a special blanket for my little guy as well. Check back for the quilt progress.